Borders ATA Black Belt Academy

SEC Running Back Nick Chubb Road to Recovery Went Through Borders ATA

Posted: January 27, 2017

When Georgia Bulldogs running back Nick Chubb tore three major ligaments in his left knee, he didn’t stop doing what he loved. In fact, his non-traditional rehabilitation treatments might have helped him get back on the field within less than a year. Chubb trained with brothers Sean & Cole Borders, of Borders Black Belt Academy, to regain strength and prepare his knee for the types of hits that he would take as part of the SEC. Mr. Sean Borders explains how martial arts training with Chubb helped

Halloween Safety Tips For Parents, Pt. 1: Halloween Preparations

Posted: January 27, 2017

As we reach the end of October, the weather grows colder, the leaves change color and all the spooky ghosts and ghouls prepare for trick or treating fun! As parents, you want your little ones to have a fun, memorable and – above all else – safe Halloween. Here’s a complete safety checklist:

Safe Costume Selection

Halloween is all about the costumes. No matter what character or role your child wants to play, you’ll want to make sure their costume is hazard-free. Avoid

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