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Firearm Safety & Instruction Classes

Firearm Safety & Instruction Classes at Karate Oconee

We offer classes for all experience levels, from beginners to more advanced students.


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Firearm Safety & Instruction Classes

Firearm Safety & Instruction Classes at Karate Oconee

At Karate Oconee, we we believe that your safety and the safety of others is the most important thing when handling a firearm. Our Firearm Safety & Instruction Classes will teach you how to operate firearms safely and effectively.

Learn the Proper Way to Operate a Gun

After completing their basic training, each student will receive a course completion certificate. This is a one hour class that includes the range time, instructor, and targets for each student.  If you do not own a weapon yet but plan to purchase one after completing your training, please select the training that includes the weapons rental and ammo package. Additional ammo may be purchased at the range location.

Identifying Threats

Our course will teach you how to defend against assailants with guns. You'll learn how to protect yourself in muggings, hostage situations, and handgun assaults. Learn important tactics and life-saving techniques to disarm the attacker, potentially saving your life or the lives of others.

Robberies and Home Invasions

Firearm-related crimesare some of the most frightening ones out there. When you're in danger of being shot at, and your life or the life of a loved one is on the line, your last resort maybe be defending yourself against the attacker. This is a high-risk situation and takes special knowledge to disarm them and control the scene. We will share with you the basic principles of effective gun defense and how to survive these situations.


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Firearm Safety & Instruction Classes